About Us

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Established in 1996, rRent is now recognised as one of Melbourne’s leading and fastest growing specialist property management providers.

With a reputation built on delivering exceptional personal service to our landlords, our experienced team guarantee a high standards and performance consistently delivered through innovative, up to date property management practices.

A keystone to our everlasting success is our basic philosophy of providing a ‘value for money’ solution to each and every step of property management whilst exercising a high degree of exceptional service along the way.

Our directors each have over 25 years of property management experience and our associated partners work directly under their supervision to ensure that your ongoing personal relationship is maintained at all times –  No need to re-introduce yourself to a new property manager constantly.

Through close consultation our team will know your requirements and expectations whilst guaranteeing that everything will be taken care of as per your instructions using our pedigree and expertise to help guide your decisions.

Times have changed in all industries with real estate perhaps at the forefront of this transformation. As professionals we thrive on being dedicated, qualified and performance based people representing those who invest in property for all the right reasons.

We wholeheartedly believe that our rare passion for the rental industry sets us aside from other competitors and our focus on providing a personalised tailored experience to each landlord truly makes us unique. We pride ourselves on being there for you over the course of your investment, ensuring that you have peace of mind and someone that you can rely on at all times.