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Are you really a savvy landlord? We know how it works, you call the first brand-name agent you can think of, perhaps the person who sold you the property. You ask them a few basic questions and what their management fee is. Inevitably they’ve given you an inflated rental figure to get your business. The next time you hear from them the tenant has left, the property is damaged, and they haven’t done a condition report well enough to cover you.

You’re picking a generic agent to manage such a long term commitment because you don’t know better, but what if there was a specialist agent who always kept you informed, had intimate knowledge of rentals specifically and most importantly was transparent and upfront with you?

Owning a property is no small feat and it is a significant financial commitment, so why would you be so careless when it comes to picking the right person to look after it? After all, would you hire an electrician to fix a leak, or a stockbroker to do your accounting?

The difference between a specialist property manager and real estate agent is no different.

At Rent Exchange we realise that no two properties are the same and thus, we approach each property with a tailored approach which best suits its needs. As one of the first “property management only” offices opened in Melbourne, we recognise that the successful management of a property goes far beyond just leasing it. Unlike a sale, it is not a smash and grab for a once off high price, but rather a good price that creates long term value by selecting the right tenant and giving you the right advice. We aim to lease your property at the best price in the shortest amount of time.

We pride ourselves on information and use statistics to back all our opinions, that’s why were Melbourne’s #1 rated specialist agent when it comes to property management.

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Sales Agent                         vs                       Specialist Property Manager

A single transaction with whoever is willing to pay the most. Constant relationship management between two parties, selecting the right person is critical to long term value.
Lack knowledge regarding the upkeep of a property. Database of insured tradespeople who specialise in property maintenance.
Generally, a 4-week campaign where buyers must perform their own due diligence. Going concern based relationship that can last infinitely and owners/agents are liable for faults and deceit.
Incentive and ambition is to list the property for sale eventually. Not incentivised by commission, our goal is to create a smooth, long term relationship that rarely requires your attention or concern.