Our Service

Do you know the difference between a Specialist Property Manager and a Real Estate Agent?

rRent is a specialised property management firm where quality personal service takes a traditional business transaction and turns it into a positive experience for all of our clients.

We assure you that your property will be handled by a senior property manager who will act in your best interests and as per your instructions at all times, whilst using their proven pedigree in property management to ensure you attain the result you desire.

Our inception was based on the pure and simple notion that our main priority would be to focus on you – the landlord, and your utmost needs in terms of maximising income regarding rental properties, whilst giving you personalised attention. We work for you, and using our wealth of knowledge in the rental industry, seek to get you maximum returns on your investment.

Property management has been left in the hands of suburban agents whose primary concern is the buying and selling of houses, rather than the professional management of rental properties. Too often, property management portfolios are disregarded as offices concentrate solely on its traditional sales aspect which is quite often subsidised through their management portfolios income via inflated management fees.
Our property management methods and systems are based on advanced management principles, sophisticated computer software, centralised administration and accounting functions which ensures that our experienced property personnel are held accountable at every stage of the process. We guarantee you a consistent standard of excellent performance which is simply unavailable through local suburban, shop front Real Estate Agents.

The defining difference of using rRent is specialisation and utter dedication to property management. We provide you with an unparalleled service experience which is appreciated and welcomed by our existing clients and the industry alike.

We can assure you that the answer to your property management needs is a simple one. Now you too can experience why rRent is considered Melbourne’s leading and fastest growing specialist property managers.