The rRent Reach


Over 90% of tenant inquiries are directly found through the internet. By using automated emails to direct prospective tenants to the property they desire, internet savvy tenants no longer rely upon local agents to find them the right property.

Furthermore statistics now show that unlike buyers, most tenants will shift from one location to another for personal, employment and recreational reasons on a far more frequent basis.

Due to our centralised company structure and efficiency in operations, rRent now manages hundreds of properties in more than 50 suburbs in metropolitan Melbourne.

Our guarantee to you is to ensure you receive the most specialised property management service possible. We are not in the business of taking on properties that we are not capable of managing to the absolute best of our ability and we see this as detrimental and against our core fundamental values. We only accept new properties based on their proximity to other managements we have in that vicinity.

In addition to our landlords, we must also consider the tenants amenity in paying their rent on time. All our tenants have the option of paying their rent electronically, rent card, B Pay or credit card facilities.

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